Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sterling silver dragonfly pendant set with Australian opal . For more information e-mail me at or call (808) 689-6961.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

14K calla lily earrings,also available in sterling silver . 14K calla lily and wave pendant set with black sapphire. For more information e-mail me at or call (808) 689-6961.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sterling silver broach with hibiscus and wave motif set with abalone. For more information e-mail me at or call (808)689-6961
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Friday, August 11, 2006

My HGTV Experience

I received notice of a call for artists through the Pacific Handcrafters' Guild, for the television show ''That's Clever'', shown on the Home and Garden TV network . I had seen the show and I liked the idea of showcasing, not the famous artisans working out of large studios with a staff of apprentices and showing their work only in up scale galleries, but rather those craftspeople who make up the majority, working out of their garages, basements, and spare rooms and selling their art at craft fairs and in small shops. I really didn't think I'd be a good fit for this program, the featured artists seem so perky and upbeat and I'm laid back and shy, but I was curious about the selection process so I emailed for an application. I was surprised, a few weeks later, by a phone call from the production company urging me to apply. I was even more surprised when they selected me to appear on "That's Clever'' so soon after receiving my application and pictures of my work. What had I gotten myself into? Preparing for the taping of the show was a lot of work but it was a good learning experience as well. The producers selected the sterling silver and abalone broach with hibiscus motif and the calla lily earrings for me to demonstrate making. I had to make a list of every step involved in hand fabricating the jewelry. There are 21 steps to making the broach. My studio (really it's the tiny spare bedroom in my home) had to be prepared too. I had to remove all the art work except my hand crafted jewelry and cover any visible brand names. My workbench was turned in order to get better camera angles and I cleared out most of the furniture to make room. I also had to ask all of my neighbors to be as quiet as possible during the shoot; not an easy thing to do on a hot Sunday afternoon in Hawaii . The producers requested that all tattoos be covered, all unusual piercings removed, and that my hair should be a normal color. I was also asked to dress conservatively. No tank tops or shorts. The day of the shoot I had two huge lights and two cameramen crowded into my work room, the soundman sat on the floor in the doorway and the field producer sat watching a monitor in the livingroom. The taping lasted 5 hours and by the end I was completely mentally exhausted. Acting perky and up beat is hard work! Would I do it again? Sure I would. Knowing now what to expect I would eat a lot more before the shoot, this took a lot of energy, and I 'd ask for more water breaks. I would also try to be prepared more in advance so the day before wouldn't be so stressful. What did I bring away from my HGTV experience? A reminder of how skilled and labor intensive my work is and how awesome the creative process is that allows me to take a vision from my mind's eye and make it a real piece of wearable art. Visit my online store at

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

14K hibiscus post earrings and matching 14K hibiscus and wave pendant with pink fresh water pearl .Also available in sterling silver . For more information e-mail me at or call (808)689-6961.
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